Monday, September 9, 2013

Mage Robe MiniPost 04

A wool mage robe with hooded cowl, the garment was lined with black faux suede. This hand stitched messenger bag had a baldric strap on the back. The accessories were made out of six oz Gaucho leather.

A half of day of working on pattern making and I'm about ready to cut my pieces.

Here are some WIP pics of my Woolen Mage Robe. The inspiration for this piece is the mage robe available in Skyrim. This outfit has been designed to be as authentic as possible right down the leather accessories. The front toga part was left off of this design due to functionality purposes. Feel free to stop by and learn more, visit my shop or follow ADDART Design on FB.

2 Remarks:

  1. Do you have blue prints for this? can you share it?

  2. I do have a pattern but I afraid it probably wouldn't make any sense. There's a method to my madness, that not even I fully understand... Plus it took a while to make it so I'm kinda partial to it.


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