Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Victorian Red Riding Hood MiniPost 01

This is my Victorian inspired red riding hood jacket. Its lined with a synthetic black fur that has a subtle wave to it and the exterior constructed from two brocades; one a fabric black with red roses and the other a red fabric with black cherry blossoms. This was my first attempt at sewing brocade and it has been quite the learning process. Nonetheless, I quite proud of how it has come out and I am looking forward to having the excuse of cold weather, to sport this jacket around town.

I have had my eye of steam punk clothing for a while and figure I should break into the genre with a personal project. This one has been in progress for a while so don't be surprised if it is a bit before the finished piece makes it's debut on the internet. In the meantime feel free to stop by and learn more, visit my shop or
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