Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dragon Bust MiniPost 02

Finished the basic shape of the dragon out of cardboard and poster board.  I made mock eyes out of newspaper wrapped in sir-ran-rap for easy removal.  I've decided the paper mache I plan on using will be simple newsprint in flour and water paste, since drying wont be a problem.  Sun drying FTW.

After slaying a dozen or so dragons in Skyrim, I decided I just had to find a way to display a dragon trophy. Unfortunately a quick search on google showed me there was no way to do this in game, so I came up with an idea to do it AFK. This project started with a box, but not just any box, this particular box had been attributed with the wild spirit of a feral beast by Agent Snuggles-Mc-Dragonslayer himself.

In between Making garments I like to make other random projects. Here is some WIP pics of one of my current ventures, a Mounted Dragon Head Bust. This dragon was constructed with a very primitive cardboard skeleton that was covered with many layers of paper mache. This one has been in progress for a while so don't be surprised if it is a bit before the finished piece makes it's debut on the internet. Feel free to stop by and learn more, visit my shop or

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